SodaSwap Classic Soda Maker

SodaSwap Classic Soda Maker

SodaSwap Classic One First Generation Soda Maker
(With 1.5 Litre Soda Bottle)
With a Stylish inspired two part design that easily allows you to change the cylinders,
The Classic One has quite operation allowing you to make delicious sparkling drinks in your own home anytime of the day or night without disturbing the entire household.
Currently comes in 4 colours that will be fitting for any kitchen style

The box contains:

1 x SodaSwap Classic Soda Maker
1 x SodaSwap CO2 Cylinder 420g (makes up to 63 litres)
1 x 1500Ml Reusable BPA Free Bottle
Instruction Manual

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Our Co2 is Sourced Locally In Western Australia And Meets FSANZ (Food Standards Australia & New Zealand)

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