Retailer Restock Form

At SodaSwap we like to make it as convenient as possible to restock your store, simply fill out the details and press Restock Us

Other ways to restock

Phone: (08) 6197 6019


Address: Unit 3 - 9 Haydock St, Forrestdale, 6112, WA, Australia

Would like to be a SodaSwap Australia Stockist


Retailer Benefits

  • SodaSwap cylinders are Non-Perishable Item (No Expiry Date)
  • Requires no refrigeration or heating (No Electricity Use)
  • 37% Cheaper than our overseas competitor
  • 100% compatible with all soda makers
  • Quick restocking turnaround 24hrs in Perth Metro Area (Direct from us to you)
  • Requires the customer to return to the store to exchange (Increased foot traffic)
  • We do all the advertising and marketing for you
  • West Australian Owned and Operated